Matteo Iori

Presidente del Consiglio Comunale – Comune di Reggio Emilia

So Matteo was very important, we owe him a lot, because he was the stimulus the triggering spark for so many changes. For Reggio, thinking about the environment, alle his tree planting campaigns, to his contribution to the memory of the resistance, to his information campaigns, to his complaints to try to improve constantly our city. But it was also and supported, at least as far as I’m concerned, for what helped to do on the subject of gambling. So, I took care of the gambling risks for a long time, then even in June of 2000, as President of the Pope John Twenty-third of Reggio Emilia, I organized the first public conference on the issues, on the risks of the continuous growth of gambling, in our country. Then since 2004, as national President of the conaga of a coordination I also began to travel Italy, to talk about this topic. I have also done 400 conferences, published books articles, participating in broadcasts on Mediaset networks, on all RAI networks, from the news to rai tre reports, speaking at conferences, in the senate, even in the presence of ministries. But in reality all this, in my opinion, led to nothing, it didn’t bring about any real, important change and I couldn’t make politics understand the need to intervene or this issue. Then in 2013 Matteo came to speak with me, wanted to understand many things and then asked me to talk about these issues with Maria Elena Spadoni e later they asked me to go to Rome to train for a 15 of parliamentarians from the 5 Star movement, then to make another one, to about fifty of them parliamentarians, and they became aware of what the cupid game meant in the our country and all its interactions with politics, the economy, health, with the, and Matteo was always behind every path I did with them, and spurred everyone in doing things with the maximum effort. And in July 2018 the dignity decree was approved, strongly desired by the Minister Di Maio and from the first Conte government and for the first time advertising on gambling is avoided, that is, they are avoided messages that led the most fragile people and the lowest classes to believe that the great winning is within reach and if you like easy winnings just gamble. So, in all of this, Matteo even if he didn’t appear, he really did a lot, he was he who helped us maintain relations between the non-profit organization and politics on these issues, who liaised with the deputies, the senators, who continually encouraged them, he spurred them, he spurred them insistently, because Matteo was insistent, but he was a his great talent. It reminds me of the widow that is mentioned in the Gospel that goes around all the time to go to the judge, so that he can give her justice and in the end she will get justice, but not why the judge believed in his fight, but only to avoid that constant request. And Matteo knew how to be persistent in pursuing the things he thought were right, and he had the courage to insist, and it takes courage in a public administration, as well as in national politics, in many other places there are many things that get stuck, blocked by bureaucracy and on overcrowded desks, with conflicting interests. And have the courage to insist to move forward in the work is crucial. I very often don’t have it and it embarrasses me have the cheek to ask, keep asking and sometimes I think of Matteo, and I hope it can help me to be more Matteo Incerti and less Matteo Iori. Why as Samuel Johnson said, great deeds are done not by force, but with perseverance, and Matteo thanks to this gift of his has helped many people to doing great business, for this, we must be grateful to him. Thanks Matthew.

Nico Giberti

Sindaco di Albinea

I met Matteo in 2014 when I became mayor. He had already collaborated with the municipal administration, he had written the beautiful book: The pounds bracelet, in collaboration with the administration, had presented it here in our area. I immediately found myself in harmony with him as regards the celebrations, the commemorations of Villa Rossi and Villa Calvi. He knew he shouldn’t talk politics with me, because otherwise we would bicker right away and our positions, even though we had common roots, of course they immediately clashed. But that was never a problem and instead of him I remember the enthusiasm, overwhelming, the ability to tell stories, to find, to recover stories and human contacts. It was his great gift. I cannot forget also the wonderful work he did to collect testimonies from all over the world, in March 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, to still succeed with us to tell and remember the attack on Villa Rossi, also because it had been 75 years since the attack. And there is a video that we published really sensational with beautiful testimonies, of all relatives and again by the protagonists of that attack that night. Then many things, truly irrepressible, I remember the birth of the smallest museum in the world, so he had renamed it in the old weighbridge with a center in Albinea that has come to life with the collaboration with prolocco and which is naturally continuing its path. That was Matteo’s idea, as well as the last project that I then wanted to carry out after his death, the path of the tulips. I remember with great sympathy the phone call he made to me in the midst of the pandemic to tell me that he had this wonderful idea of ​​remembering the dead American pilot that the American mother he came here to Albinea to lay tulips in his memory, to plant tulips in his memory. And this thing, precisely he, told me in great detail, saying that it was very important and beautiful, it would have been wonderful to make this path full of tulips.I liked the idea a lot, but the problem was that I was in videoconference with the ASL in one of the important videoconferences we had almost every day during the pandemic. So, after a quarter of an hour on the phone, I said to him, Matteo, that’s enough, now I have to put this thing down we do it here, I promise we do it, I like it but now I have to go. And he always with his never ever touchy way said to me, sorry sorry, come on, we’ll talk, bye bye bye and the phone call ended like this. Then we spoke again, but that phone call still impressed me because of the commitment I had taken it, I absolutely loved the project and now you can come along from via Poiano the path of the tulips which has also become in memory of Matteo Incerti. And in any case one thing is certain, Albinea will never forget, in short, the love that Matteo has poured into our territory for our country.

Matteo Olivieri

Consigliere comunale M5S dal 2009 al 2014

A memory for Matteo, Matteo detective. One day, I had known him for just over a year, I hear myself ringing at the door and I open it. I see a train speeding inside and I say hello Matteo. He found it after a while that he was rummaging through the bins of the differentiated collection and he said all unpacked, fine, I see it’s damp, but where is the paper, the plastic; paper and plastic, they are under the cupboard. At that point he finally felt satisfied. Small story, to tell two things, first of all a very big commitment that there has been in some years, he was included in a national network for the correct management of waste and has done so much to spread everywhere this important battle, with very very important results. The second was that, in the battles he fought, he really believed in it, he wanted to rely on the people he worked with,
the search for sincerity, in these battles is something, which we then saw, it also led him to look for great stories or, in any case, great stories of people who had really made a difference. It’s a small memory, but I think it’s important, to say that we miss him so much.

Nicola Gualdi

Amico, scout CNGEI

Hello guys, hello to all my Scout friends. I am happy to think of you and to remind you Matteo why You were and still are very dear to me. We lived from 8 to 15 years old together with the Scouts and so we did a lot, and after that we also played to american football together. Many beautiful years. Until we got really big. The thing that pleases me is that after twenty, twenty-five years, I’ve lost you a little, but when I recovered you, I understood that the values ​​we lived and taught us, we shared, when we were in the Scouts and also when we were in football, serious things in life, you kept them and carried them forward, carried them forward with great pride, great dignity. I am very happy to have been your friend and to have known you, I think of you and if in my heart. Thanks Matthew.

Maria Edera Spadoni

Parlamentare M5S dal 2013 al 2022

Matteo was a force of nature. He was an extremely outgoing person and a person with many passions. I remember knowing him now almost 15 years ago and I had known him on the occasion of the V-DAY 1, because there was obviously an interest in politics, but also this desire to change, to change the country, to change our territory. He was extremely passionate about Reggio Emilia and the area in general. I remember he used to tell me about when he took his walks on the Reggio Apennines, How much he loved going to the Apennines, and he was a figure you found in the centre. I remember when I lived in Reggio Emilia sometimes I would go down and he would pass by with his bike and also there he stopped and we had long chats about politics, about Reggio Emilia, about what had to change, what had to change, in short, on many things. He had a very, very important civic engagement. And then Matteo from Reggio Emilia was exactly the same Matthew of Rome. I remember that maybe every now and then he sent messages and said, Edera I can go to the office and also between one presidency and another, even during classroom shifts, he came and even for a few minutes we would talk about how we could improve, about what could be done on that day’ Then an extremely proactive person. She was one of those who sent you messages from seven in the morning and maybe told you, but this morning we could go out on this or this morning we could prepare this article. It was extremely proactive. And then his passion for history. I remember him talking a lot about his books, he was very proud of having written those books and somehow managed to put people together. So he was connecting people from different countries too and he was passionate about that, he was passionate about history and he was passionate about telling different lives and bringing them together. And this was a very nice thing about Matteo, he was a storyteller, he loved to tell stories people’s stories. So what else to say ? Surely the fact that he is no longer there it is something that has shocked all of us, the whole community of Reggio and beyond. But I’m sure Matteo will always have a special place in the hearts of those who knew him.